A Little About My Life & Loves

As a single mother of a wonderful two year old little girl, Amoriah, as well a follower, and friend, of Jesus Christ, life keeps me on my toes :) At 24 years old, I have learned that my plans don’t hold a candle to God’s. I have experienced His mercy and grace, His willingness to “clean up” our messes and rescue us when we realize how badly we need Him and are willing to hand over the reins. He has shown me that He loves my daughter even more than I do, as much as that does not seem possible in my mind, and that I have to put her in His hands. I have learned to trust Him to do what I cannot. He is trustworthy. He is so good! My God always comes through.

I intend to spend my life glorifying Him and bringing His love, truth, and hope to people who desperately need Him. He is making a way for this despite the mundane workdays, loads of laundry, cleanup and diapers, sleep deprivation and lack of hours in the day to do all that seems necessary! :) I love being a mother and have so much fun with my little girl! How anybody can not value a child is beyond me. Children are very dear to my heart, particularly orphans and those in poverty, be it physical or spiritual poverty. I have seen God do marvelous things and look forward to seeing more!


Please Feel Free To Post Your Thoughts & Feedback, Respectfully

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